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Kaasy is established in London, UK. Company Name: KAASY AI LTD, number 11521291
  • Golem - We include many more features, like AI marketplace & skill rewards
  • SONM - We include many more features, like AI marketplace & skill rewards
  • DeepBrain - They are a smart contracts platform for AI algorithms + distributed infrastructure; no Intellectual Property side for skill rewards
  • iExec - Only a token on ETH blockchain vs. Own blockchain with mining & skills rewards
  • IAGON - We include many more features, like AI marketplace & skill rewards - personal note, that project is unlikely to be built because of wrong ideas in White Paper
We introduced Skill Rewards. In current terminology, the closest you can find in the industry are patent royalties.
In essence, the first user to teach the system a new skill (technique, algorithm) will gain rewards when that skill is used by others in the future.
The user willing to run anything on the Kaasy network will have to pay for both the processing time and skill requirements.
Most of the team has been involved in creating a crypto-exchange & trading website, www.ldvbank.com, after trading considerable amounts, some of us even since 2009.
We have been mining ETH based coins since 2016, in our own above 200 rigs farm.
Succesful completion of the KAASY.AI project will have a disruption effect in the Human Resources market, where many repetitive jobs will be automated, replicating techniques between companies and industries. This will free many to find more fullfilling employment.
  • The MiningOS is a Linux based OS targeted at crypto mining individuals and farms.
  • The next milestones are oriented to both consumer and general industry, aiming to make Kaasy a go-to personal assistant for the general public.
  • The last milestone, RoboticsOS, makes the connection between the virtual and physical worlds, enabling Kaasy programs and skills to be applied to manual labor jobs, using different robots as End-Effectors.
Yes, we offer brand ambassadors the chance to earn revenue promoting Kaasy - revenues range between 4% and 10%, depending on the total amount brought in by each ambassador. Payment is at the end of the ICO.
Right now the Smart Contract is live on the Ethereum Network, at https://etherscan.io/address/0x714c1ef3854591d4118bd6887d4740bc4d5f5412.
Upon launching our own blockchain in 2019, all owners of KAAS tokens will be able to change their KAAS tokens for coins on the new blockchain
At first we have a standard Ethereum network token. We expect to launch our own blockchain in Q3 2019, moment at which we will exchange all KAAS tokens into coins on the new blockchain.
It cannot be done in a proper decentralized democratized way. AI can be developed without blockchain, yet blockchain might well be the technology that helps us humans understand AI.
Total Supply is 500M. Unsold Tokens will be not be minted.
Total Circulating supply won't be known until the end result of the ICO;
We started with 200M at the start of the smart contract, for team, marketing & other purposes, and the next 300M represent the 60% offered for investment.
Unsold tokens will be not minted, keeping the total amount to only what was minted.
2 year vesting process, distributing proportional % every month via smart contract.
They are not locked, as they will be provided from the first vestings of the team tokens.
After the Token Sale, one of our main priorities will be to list the token on main exchanges. Our tokens are Ethereum ERC20-based and exchanges implementation should be smooth. We will list the token for sure on our trading platform www.ldvbank.com and also on COSS.io where our advisor Andrei Popescu is cofounder.
All countries except USA, China, Japan
Burn unsold tokens = we will only mint 40% for different purposes mentioned in the WP and all that is automatically minted by the smart contract upon receiving ETH from KYC-white-listed addresses.

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We have put together all our ideas, intentions and predictions for the kaasy.ai project into a downloadable PDF Whitepaper. Please take the time to read the document and then contact us for any questions you may have.

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