Applications proposed for development in the ecosystem

  • Oracle type AI - a solution for answering questions given in natural language, based on all the accumulated knowledge of the blockchain, at the time of asking; will also answer queries imposing knowledge limitations, like “give me the answer using both what you know today, and just what you know 2 weeks ago” – the time factor is guaranteed by the block timestamp
  • Translation, text-to-speech and speech-to-text, + sign language variants
  • Document analysis, both already-digital and currently-in-physical-format
  • Conversation partner solutions - initially for medical purposes, then expanded for general public, the idea is to provide a conversation counterpart for people looking to fill this basic need to communicate with someone [empathic AI].
  • Processing power externalization - run processing and/or memory intensive analytics “in-the-cloud”
  • Co-processing features for enabled apps - billable as a service
  • Remote rendering, for video, 3D video, VR video and scenes
  • Medical analytics & image/video processing for global-health-experience diagnostics & treatment plans
  • Using existing/new file sharing solutions, anonymize data and share it in structured formats, under a concept like Data as a Service; other developers then integrate knowledge gained from those data packages into the KaaS blockchain, ensuring revenue fees for both them and the initial data providers; example applications in medical Imagistics.
  • Employee as a Service - many tasks that are fulfilled by desk clerks today can also be done by a machine capable of learning. This will enable many people to find much more meaningful employment, move up the income pyramid and thus have more fulfilling lives.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions, i.e. turism audio companion for video glasses, play a character is a historical battle, on-screen avatar for the conversation partner, remote classrooms in VR scenes etc.
  • RoboticsOS - an operating system for robots, enabling features as sight, speech, touch and other sensorial inputs and outputs; includes MCU code simulation in multiple contexts

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